Inside Scoop – Weapons of Mass Distraction

This July, inspired by the thought-provoking Netflix documentary Social Dilemma we are kicking off with a much-needed discussion on the challenges associated with the virtual world, the detrimental effects this can have on our own behavior & psychology and that of our younger generation coming off the back increased tech usage for homeschooling while multi-tasking with “weapons of mass distraction” such as gaming, & social media platforms.⁣

Our expert speakers including our IFM Practitioner Miles Price will share tools to create awareness & develop strategies to better navigate an uncensored, behavioral modifying, anxiety increasing amplification system (known as the internet) that is, on one hand, a powerful tool for infinite knowledge & connection, and on the other, a system to manipulate consumers, polarize opinions & develop addictions.⁣

The Social Dilemma

With such an important topic we have put together a panel including –⁣

  • A Psychologist to discuss the psychology of the topic above⁣
  • A Clinical Nutritionist/Functional Medicine Practitioner to share valuable information on nutrition and its role in a developing adolescent brain & the nutrients/foods that assist with focus and a stable mood.⁣
  • A Movement expert and his experience and strategies on how play can change the brain and reconnect the body to health and better posture/movement outcomes⁣

Tuesday evening July 27th, doors open at 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start. Price is $250/person and includes ample healthy snacks, drinks (physically healthy and also the emotionally healthy kind;)) and great discounts from all collaborating companies and one lucky draw prize giveaway!⁣

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