Health & Safety Measures

At LifeClinic we are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.

These are our safety measures conducted for everyone who is visiting the clinic including staff, visitors, and clients:

  • Pre-screening questions are asked with every booking and booking confirmation, including recent travel history (<14 days), presence of symptoms, contact with cases and other relevant questions
  • Temperature check for every visitor/customer with a declaration form upon arrival
  • Individuals who do not pass the screening questions or temperature check will not be allowed entry
  • Clients and visitors asked to wear a mask
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers on all levels and at all entrances for clients and staff to use upon arrival and as needed
  • Printed company policy at entrances
  • Staff to wear masks at all times and record temperature twice daily
  • Staff in direct contact with customers to wear gloves in addition to masks
  • All staff have taken the Covid-19 rapid test kit and tested positive

In addition, we have made amendments to our services following the recommendations of the Hong Kong government as well as our own proactive measures:

  • Temporary suspension of oxygen therapy
  • No more than 2 clients can be booked at the same time for IV therapy
  • Every client must sit at a distance of at least 1.5m
  • E-consultations including lab test interpretations to be offered via Zoom
  • Educational talks and events moved to digital platforms


LifeClinic 是一间私人医疗保健公司, 成立于 2009 年,致力提供综合治疗和服务。 LifeClinic 结合传统医学、有据可依的补充和替代医学与辅助医学,旨在发现可能导致衰老、亚健康状况和疾病的潜在失衡及缺陷。

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