External Aesthetics Treatments

Aesthetic medicine is the science of reducing the signs of aging on the outside of the body.

Reducing wrinkles, blemishes, hair loss or unwanted body fat are all possible with Aesthetic treatments, creating firmer and brighter skin, with healthier hair and a desirable body shape. It is a mixture of Art and Science, and when engaging in such treatments it is important to have the right balance of both.

These are just some of the Aesthetic treatments we offer at Life Clinic:

Wrinkle Reduction

Whether you have fine lines, deep wrinkles, creases or sagging, our range of services address all skin types and can be applied on the face or the body.

Pigment Reduction


Pore Reduction

With sun exposure, acne, and the force of gravity, our skin surface becomes stretched and our pores become visible. Our services smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of large pores and other blemishes including acne scars.

Face Tightening

Compared with surgical lifting, non-surgical lifting do not require large incisions, general anesthesia or overnight hospitalization, which could help to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance.

Facial Contouring

Facial contouring, also known as facial sculpting, which improves the general appearance of the face. It can make a person’s facial features look more balanced as well as improve facial outline.

Body Firming & Shaping

By using non-invasive or surgical treatments to remove excess fatty deposits under your skin. The reduction of body fat in specific areas, resulting in a contoured body shape. In the process, loose and saggy skin can also be firmed or tightened.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is one of the most common issues among men and women. Our personalized hair program aims to find out the root causes and improve the health of your hair from inside out.

Aesthetic Consultation

Whether you’re looking to restore your youthful appearance or adjust aspects of your external physique, aesthetic medicine always starts with a detailed consultation to understand your needs. This innovative field of medicine is growing exponentially and with that come cutting-edge technologies. Our team works with our clients to find solutions that work for them.


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