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At LifeClinic, we bring together the world’s latest technologies with industry-leading medical doctors, professors, and scientists to set a new standard of medical care. Our education series aims to share the most innovative medicine and evidence-based complementary therapies out there.

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NAD+ For Anti-Aging

(NAD+) is an essential cofactor in all living cells that are involved in fundamental biological processes and is an essential component of energy production (mitochondrial function).

As we age, our body’s NAD+ levels decrease. This co-enzyme is crucial for our cells to produce energy and maintain your overall health.

Chelation For Heavy Metal Detoxification

Toxins enter our bodies via several channels including through our food, our drinking water, the pollution in the air we breathe in, and even through our skin transdermally.

These toxins are carried into our liver whereby they undergo detoxification reactions so that can be removed from our body. However, if our body system is unable to remove them, they are carried by the bloodstream all over our body and can accumulate for years. Chelation is a medical detoxification treatment to pull heavy metals from our tissues and excrete them safely.

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Exosomes For Anti-Aging




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Hyperthermia For Immune Activation

Hyperthermia, translating to “excess or high heat” is the use of temperature in stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. When our body is infected with bacteria or viruses, it will naturally raise its core temperature to activate and mobilize the immune system to deal with the invading pathogen.

Hyperthermia treatment is a medical treatment that involves heating up the body’s tissues to help treat various diseases and conditions.

Ozone For Pathogen Destruction

The last decade has been huge for nutritional research but while vitamins and minerals are highly important for our health, oxygen is perhaps the most overlooked nutrient of all.

Research is showing that a special molecule of 3 oxygen atoms, called ozone (O3)has incredible benefits to our health, especially for immunity, and is being harnessed as an innovate health technology.

Cytokine Therapy

逆龄之匙 — 细胞因子

Research has also shown that as we age, our cytokine balance becomes disrupted, a key catalyst for aging. As our cell-to-cell communication system, cytokines aren’t just involved in inflammation – they also affect collagen production, neuroplasticity, metabolism, and more. These discoveries have opened the field of cytokine therapy to target a vast number of pathways for comprehensive anti-aging effects.

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