‘2013 Customer Service Winner’ and ‘5 Star Treatment’ awarded to Life Clinic

What clinic customer service award 2013

Life Clinic has been awarded the ‘5 Star Treatment’ and ‘2013 Customer Service Winner’ from WhatClinic.com.

2013 Customer Service Winner

Followed by 2011 and 2012, this is the third year for Life Clinic to once again receive the “Customer Service Award” for the year 2013. This award acknowledged our excellent service at handling patient enquiries quickly at a high rate of 84% (less than 2% of clinics qualify for the award).

5 Star Treatment

Life Clinic was also awarded the “5 Star Treatment” with reviews published with an average score of more than 90%. 

Thank you for your recognition!

Thanks to the positive feedback and fantastic reviews from our patients. We are most grateful for your continued support and recognition to Life Clinic. We strive to continually improve our service, to maintain our exceptional professionalism and will always value your suggestions.

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