sculptra童顏針- is a NEW generation of filler made out of Poly L-lactic acid, a substance similar to surgical sutures.  It has the unique property of not only filling, but also stimulating the skin’s own collagen production.

After 3 monthly treatments, the skin naturally continues to improve in texture and firmness as the collagen is being regenerated, leading to a younger, fuller, firmer look.  It can be used to restore the lost volume that is side-effect of aging or bring symmetry to an unbalanced face.

Results typically last 2 years.

Used for: Wrinkle Reduction, Facial Contouring, 刺激膠原蛋白

Before and After Treatment

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What people are saying::

Before the treatment, I have sunken features, dark eyes and heavy eyelids and frown lines. I was nervous on the first undergoing these treatments but staff made me feel more relaxed. On subsequent treatments I knew i was in good hands. Very friendly services! I have an awesome results. I love Botox and Sculptra! Gave me a younger and refreshed look.”

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