What Causes Aging?

There are several theories as to why we age. The two most generally accepted by scientists are the Free Radical Theory and the Hormone Theory.

Free Radical atom

Free Radical Theory

A free radical is an atom or molecule which has an unpaired electron in the outer ring. According to the Free Radical Theory, these unstable molecules accumulate and do untold damage to our cells, leading to wrinkled skin, loss of muscle, hardening of arteries, cognitive impairment and cancers.

Hormone test

Hormone Theory

The other theory of aging is that our hormones become imbalanced. After our mid-30’s the hormones that control every aspect of our body’s functions begin to decline. Because hormones act as messengers to every cell in the body, their effects are widespread. Symptoms of low or imbalanced hormones range from hair loss, weight gain, loose saggy skin to fatigue, difficulty sleeping and mood swings.

rate of aging

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