Heavy Metal Testing & Detoxification

Using comprehensive testing to assess your toxic load, we offer medical detox programs that include nutraceuticals, IV therapy, infrared therapy, and other evidence-based treatments to improve symptoms and disease risk

Living in a toxic world

Our modern lifestyles expose us to a range of toxins. From pesticides in produce to chemicals in cosmetics, toxins are impossible to avoid. Our detoxification organs, particularly our liver and kidneys, work hard to remove harmful substances from our body. However, with such high levels of toxins, our body can no longer keep up and our health suffers. Many of the modern-day health complaints can correlate with heavy metal toxicity: fatigue, sleep disturbances, hormone imbalances, allergies, low immunity, and weight gain.

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Heavy metals are toxins with incredibly damaging effects to our cells. Common heavy metals that we have daily exposure to include mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and aluminum. Due to their chemical similarity to essential minerals in our body, heavy metals can persist in the body for years, slowly causing damage, accelerating aging, and suppressing daily health.

LifeClinic offers a range of heavy metal testing options depending on the suspected severity of your toxicity. We also support our understanding of your unique detoxification capacities with additional testing such as DNA analysis.

Unlike conventional healthcare, we choose functional medicine assessments that allow us not only to detect disease, but to pinpoint where your health is straying from homeostasis to ultimately help bring you back to optimal health.

Medical Detoxification

Detoxification treatments on the market can range greatly in safety and efficacy. At LifeClinic, we offer evidence-based therapies overseen by our team of medical professionals. With our personalized and comprehensive approach to health, our plans incorporate nutraceuticals, IV therapy, infrared therapy, and other medical treatments. Together with our team, we can help support detoxification and clear toxic compounds to alleviate symptoms, reduce disease risk, and support long-term health.



我們的身體不斷中和體內的化學物質、污染物、毒素和藥物。 由於這些毒素和污染物在日常生活中不斷增加,我們的身體變得超出負荷,並可能出現不良的健康狀況。 醫學排毒可以通過簡單的潔淨飲食、營養補充品、支持性治療、靜脈注射營養劑和重金屬螯合療法,促進排毒過程,有助清除體內累積的毒素。


服務對象有時可能會出現排毒的輕微副作用,例如頭痛、肌肉酸痛、飢餓感、頭暈和低血糖。 這是由於毒素從細胞中釋放出來,並且是預料之中。 只需採取一些簡單措施,即可減少這些症狀,例如多喝水和休息。 我們的排毒治療和計劃受到醫療監管,如有任何疑問,歡迎客戶與我們的服務支援人員聯絡。


LifeClinic 排毒療程

獨自嘗試成功排毒有時會很困難。 因此,我們制定了一個全方位的計劃和支援團隊,指導你完成整個過程。

LifeClinic 擁有一支專業醫療團隊,包括醫生、護士、營養師和健康教育人員,在你的排毒之旅中不斷為你提供支持。

當你開始排毒計劃時,你將收到一個 LifeClinic 為你而設的全面排毒套裝,包括排毒手冊、營養補充品、皮膚刷套裝以及其他排毒所需的物品。

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