It started with a “Yes” that changed Joey Chu’s beauty regime

 A caring, down-to-earth, friend magnet, Joey is a busy Assistant Manager and Beauty Therapist for Life Clinic that has transformed her beauty and health routine in order to look her best for her big day in December 2016.

How did the Engagement Change Joey Chu’s Beauty Regime?

Before becoming a bride-to-be, Joey committed to an easy and low maintenance beauty regime.  “Before I got engaged, I maintained a proper skin cleansing regime that involved thoroughly removing my makeup, washing my face with non-alcoholic facial cleansing foam, applying a non-alcoholic toner, and then moisturizer like sunblock.”

When asked about beauty salons, Joey replied, “Because I am so busy at work and at home, I don’t have much time for beauty salons. Also, I have very sensitive skin and found that treatments gave me breakouts.”

After Joey became engaged, she renewed her vows towards her internal and external beauty and health goals. “I realized my existing routine was not enough to look and feel my most beautiful and healthy. I now apply moisturizing masks twice a week, sleep earlier, perform dry skin brushing to stimulate my lymphatic system, and light exercise in the mornings to enhance microcirculation.”

What about the diet? “Yes, even my diet has changed. I LOVE snacks like chips, candy, and chocolate but I have much less now because I know it isn’t healthy.”

Joey’s Views on Aesthetic Treatments for Weddings

“I think the majority of Hong Kong couples have aesthetic or beauty treatments in preparation for their wedding. In some cases, it might be more important for men to have treatments over women because women can still have makeup to hide imperfections on their big day.”

“As for myself, I do have aesthetic treatments done. I asked Dr. Chan of Life Clinic to give me my Botox and Dermal Filler treatments in preparation for my pre-wedding photographs. I’m planning to have a touch-up before my wedding date.”

When asked why she had Botox and Dermal Filler treatments, Joey replied openly, “My face is not perfect. I have thin lips, a very square jaw, and growing up as an active child, broke my nose.  However, Botox and Dermal Fillers have significantly improved all of these imperfections. I love it and will repeat the treatments every 9-12 months for maintenance.”

“Botox has softened my square jawline and Dermal Fillers have straightened my nose and added subcutaneous fat in my face and lips. It’s normal to lose subcutaneous fat as we grow older but it can make our face look sunken especially around the temple, tear trough, and nasolabial folds.”

With so much effort dedicated to creating a healthy and lasting change, I asked how Joey felt about her special day. “I feel excited and nervous about the day! But you never know if things will go smoothly!”

So what did We Learn from Joey’s Amazing Life Lessons on Aesthetic Treatments?

“Getting aesthetic treatments done is more common than we think and nothing to feel embarrassed about! If you’re thinking about getting any aesthetic treatments, have a consultation with a licensed doctor at a medical clinic prior to doing any aesthetic treatment. Your doctor will take your health condition into consideration and know how to best treat you.”

We wish our beautiful Joey a very Big Congratulations and have no doubt she will look stunning on her Wedding Day!

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