Fatigue & Energy

How often does “I’m too tired” affect your daily life? 

Your energy levels are a product of almost every system in your body – your sleep, hormones, brain function, gut health, and cellular metabolism all interact to determine how energetic you feel. As such, fatigue can be extremely difficult to treat without adopting an integrative and root-cause approach. At LifeClinic, we treat your body as a whole to optimize overall function and help you regain your productivity, vibrancy, and enthusiasm for life.  





Chronic Fatigue



Mitochondria Testing

Mitochondria Boosting Treatments

Mitochondria Boosting Program

在 LifeClinic,我們的 Mitochondria Boosting Program is designed to help identify and address the root causes of your tiredness. This includes investigatory lab testing, personalized supplementation, and tailored therapies such as B12 shots and Energy Boost IV drips.  

Immunity program
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