COVID-19 is unique because people who are not experiencing symptoms (asymptomatic) may still have the virus and be spreading the disease to others. As such, early detection is key to flattening the curve and halting the spread.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms, recently visited a high-risk area, been in contact with a high-risk person, or simply would like some peace of mind, we offer at-home COVID-19 testing solutions. We are able to send both tests straight to you and will guide you through the process of collecting your own samples. Our tests are simple, efficient, and up to 99% accurate.

PCR Testing

We offer a swab test for COVID-19 – the test will be done at home and the sample will be processed directly by Pathlab, our laboratory partner. Pathlab will return the results to us within 2-3 days and we will then contact you. 

  1. Request a Test: Fill out this form here
  2. Pay here (HKD $1880)
  3. We will send out the test kit and instructions to your address 
  4. Return the sample directly to Pathlab*: 

(a) If you are NOT presenting with any flu-like symptoms and NOT under quarantine: Drop sample off in person at your chosen lab location 

(b) If you ARE presenting with any flu-like symptoms or under quarantine: Sample will be taken to your chosen lab location by your friend, family member or a courier (this will be arranged by you). Please ensure you take proper precautions. Pathlab has 4 locations around Hong Kong, which are provided in your testing kit. 

     5. We will contact you by phone to discuss your results

*IMPORTANT: Please do NOT drop off the sample at LifeHub or LifeClinic, we do not handle or ship the samples here.

Rapid Testing

We offer a preliminary rapid test with results ready in just 15 minutes. This test from LUGENE is a finger prick test that you can do at home. Result accuracy is approximately 80%. 

Purchase here $480 (prices in HKD)

Available in HK and we can also ship worldwide. For international delivery inquiries, please email us

Disclaimer: Accuracy and results are based on the information provided by the manufacturer.  Sensitivity is low in the first two weeks of COVID-19 exposure therefore this test should not be used as a timely diagnostic test for COVID-19 alone. Even with a negative test, you should seek medical advice if you experience any changes in your symptoms. We strongly recommend adhering to the health and safety guidelines outlined by the Department Of Health and to consult with a doctor for any concerns.

Wuhan Coronavirus


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