Cardiometabolic disease including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity, insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease make up three of the top six diagnosed diseases in the United States. Reducing risk at the root cause for these diseases involves more than just a prescription medication. The good news is several lifestyle modifications and natural solutions are available to help you regain control and reverse your cardiometabolic risk. Your health care practitioner may begin by implementing a Mediterranean diet or prescribing an exercise program and daily stress-reducing techniques. Following an assessment of your needs, a comprehensive program is developed to help you take control of your cardiometabolic risk. There are 12 sessions of online group coaching covering all the areas of lifestyle medicine and 3 in-person group sessions for lab assessment and interpretation for cardiometabolic risk. 


Who is it for?

  • For people who:
  • Want a broader range of information and educational content
  • Have more contact time with the provider/ health professional
  • Want personalized solutions
  • Want to understand and build confidence in incorporating lifestyle medicine strategies to prevent and treat chronic disease
  • Want support in the self-management of chronic diseases


Who is it not for?

  • Does not replace 1:1 visits
  • Non-stable, emergent or urgent conditions
  • Complicated/ complex conditions that require unique solutions
  • Where privacy for sensitive issues are needed
  • Patients with unique conditions
  • Patients who need unique diagnostics


What is Lifestyle Medicine and Cardiometabolic Risk?

What you eat, how you sleep, how active you are and how you handle stress all influence your risk for cardiometabolic disease. These daily choices are important because they add up over a lifetime to create your disease risk profile. If you’ve made some unhealthy choices over your lifetimes, it’s ok! You can change your course by adopting a healthy lifestyle and making smarter food choices each day.


Weekly online group topics include:

  1. The power of healing in a community
  2. Intention Setting
  3. Understanding your body’s function
  4. SMART goals: Creating habits that stick
  5. Nutrition: Blood sugar balance
  6. Nutrition: Minimising inflammatory foods
  7. Nutrition: Gut health and digestion 101
  8. The science of stress and relaxation
  9. Exercise and movement
  10. Sleep and natural rhythms
  11. Environmental toxins and nourishing relationships
  12. Your 12 biggest learnings and action plan


Doctor group visits

Pre-program group visit (limited to 16pp) 90 minutes:

Introduction to functional medicine approach to assessing cardiometabolic risk

Risk assessment and Group discussion

Scheduling first lab test


1st Follow-up Group Visit for lab interpretation, personalized lifestyle and targeted nutraceutical strategies

Understanding lab markers and lifestyle strategies that target root cause

Nutraceuticals and their use in cardiometabolic health

Group discussion


2nd Follow-up visit group consultation lab review and assessment

Review and re-evaluation of cardiometabolic risk markers

Group discussion


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