Founded in 2009, LifeClinic is a private healthcare company focused on providing Integrative treatments and services for Disease Prevention, Anti-Aging, Sub-Optimal Health, & Chronic Disease.

LifeClinic combines Conventional Medicine with complementary services including Functional Medicine, TCM, Nutrition , Psychology and Naturopathy aimed at detecting the underlying imbalances and de ciencies that may be causing sub- optimal health conditions and disease.

LifeClinic focuses on the whole person by treating the various stages of disease progression including:

  • Aging : hormonal imbalances, memory loss, weight gain
  • Sub Optimal Health: chronic fatigue, digestive issues, stress, sleep problems and sexual dysfunction
  • Chronic Disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.

Vision & Mission


The vision of LifeClinic is to bring together all the years of training Dr Stephen Chan has received on anti-aging, natural & regenerative medicine and his 20 years of practice as a medical doctor in creating a fully integrated health & vitality centre.

The services offered by LifeClinic are beyond the aesthetic treatments which can be highly effective on the exterior.

For a long-term and sustainable approach, education, internal health and lifestyle management will enable clients to live a vibrant, healthy, energetic and optimal life, no matter what age.

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