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The common causes of weight gain include both poor diet and a lack of exercise. However, in Hong Kong a lack of sleep or stress can cause high cortisol and ghrelin levels leading to an increase in appetite and fat storage. Hormone imbalances, such as declining hormones like estrogen and testosterone after menopause and andropause, may lead to weight gain and fat accumulation in the belly or thighs. Other common causes of unwanted weight gain include unchecked metabolic issues like low thyroid or insulin resistance.

At LifeClinic, we take a functional approach by working on maintaining metabolic, hormone and gut balance to achieve long term weight goals. First, detoxifying the body can help remove the vast array of toxins stored in our body fat that is inhibiting our liver from burning fat for fuel. Working with a functional doctor or a nutritionist allows you to discover a diet and movement plan that is optimal for your body type.

Weight Loss

LifeClinic Weight Loss Programs

At LifeClinic, our programs are designed to help support you on your weight loss journey. There are two programs available:

Express 2 Week Weight Loss Plan 

This is a budget friendly 2-week program using Caloric Restriction to promote fat burn and weight loss. Cleanse and Detox IVs helps promote detoxification which enhances liver’s fat burn function.

30 Day Metabolic Balance & Weight Loss Plan

This 1-month program focuses on looking for metabolic causes for weight gain and using detoxification and gut balance to enhance overall wellness and promote weight loss.

Weekly detox and metabolism boosting IVs help promote the liver’s detoxification and boost the fat burning function. This program is coupled with a diet plan and supplements to boost fat burn and weight loss.

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