Nutritional Cancer Therapy

Why a Nutritional Program for cancer?

Conventional treatments for cancer have improved over the last 10 years and together with earlier detection methods have increased the survival time of patients. However, the statistics are still poor for long term survival if the cancer returns or the cancer is too advanced. In addition, the mainstay treatments used (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) weaken the body in many aspects, including the immune system, the gastro-intestinal system and the general metabolism.

When using a nutritional philosophy to fight cancer, a different approach is used, an approach which treats the whole person and not just the disease. When this approach is adopted the body is strengthened and the immune system is supported. The triggers to what causes the cancer is addressed, which can include hormonal imbalances, toxicities and nutrient deficiencies. Our Nutritional Program for cancer is based on Dr. Kelley’s Protocol, which has been applied by pioneering medical professionals for over the last 50 years in both the United States and Germany.

Background on Dr Kelley’s Nutritional Cancer Program

Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS, MS: back in the 1960’s when Dr. Kelley was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, he applied a specific enzyme and nutritional protocol and he remained cancer-free for 30 years. Following this revelation of curing himself, Dr. Kelley treated thousands of cancer patients over three decades with the same protocol achieving amazing long-term survival records.

What are the advantages of the Dr Kelley’s Cancer Protocol?

  • The protocol builds and strengthens the body’s own immunity to help defeat the cancer. By the use of various protein-digesting enzymes, immune supporting supplements and foods we can regulate the body’s own immune system to attack the cancer and help break it down.
  • The protocol strengthens and optimizes the organs of detoxification. A key part of defeating the cancer is ensuring firstly the organs of detoxification, namely the liver, colon and skin, are optimized and supported, and that detoxification occurs daily. This eliminates the breakdown products of cancer and speeds up the healing process.
  • The use of medical and functional laboratory testing to help identify the triggers and nutritional imbalances which contribute to cancer formation are crucial to stopping its return. We utilize a variety of laboratory tests which evaluate organ function, heavy metal toxicity and nutrient deficiencies. Once the markers are identified we can tailor make and more specific nutritional protocol to support the organs, correct the deficiencies and eliminate the toxins.
  • Weekly consultations for six months from a Clinical Nutritionist provides the necessary guidance in modifying and correcting the protocol. As the protocol takes effect, various small changes to the protocol do occur applying these changes requires close monitoring and weekly support.
  • The dietary and supplementary protocol inhibits cancer growth at tissue level. Cancer loves acidic and high glucose environments to survive and grow. Creating a environment where the cancer is hindered to grow supports long-term health and well-being of the cancer patient.

How long does the program last?

The program lasts for an initial 6 months, after which a decision is made to continue for another 6 months depending on the progress of the patient.

Can I continue with conventional treatment whilst doing the Dr Kelley’s Cancer Program?

For the Dr Kelley’s Cancer Program to have optimal benefit, all conventional treatment needs to have been completed or ceased for at least 2 weeks.

How is the Dr Kelley’s Cancer Program different to other nutritional protocols which help defeat cancer?

The key advantages of Dr Kelley’s Protocol over the other two main nutritional programs which help against cancer, the Budwig and Gerson therapies, is the range of enzymes used in the therapy, the types of supplements used to optimize immune system function and the diagnostic approaches to identifying the triggers which cause the cancer to grow. Dr Kelley’s program uses a variety of different enzymes which have been optimized over the years to have maximal effect on the cancer. The additional supplements which are used to regulate immune system function have been carefully selected and synergistically tested to ensure optimal function is achieved.

When a cancer is in remission careful monitoring is required to ensure no future re-growth occurs. Conventional marker testing sometimes misses the point where cancer starts developing. With our sensitive cancer marker testing, we investigate the ‘environment’ whereby cancer develops and this is more sensitive to the cancers re-growth than conventional markers, therefore we can catch the cancer at an earlier stage of development.


The protocol involves three essential components:

  • Diet
  • Supplementation
  • Detoxification

The rationale of Dr Kelley’s Nutritional Programme is to:

  1. Break down the cancer cells through the use of enzymes and immune system support
  2. Off-load the toxic burden within the body which contributes to cancer formation.
  3. Building and strengthening the body’s immune system, gut function and overall metabolism with specific diet and supplementary recommendations

The individual diets may include salmon, organic eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, sprouts and berries. No canned or processed foods are allowed. The diet focuses on re-building the body’s ability to fight the cancer and also specifically supporting organs and systems which are weakened by conventional cancer treatment. These include primarily the liver and the gastro-intestinal system.

Supplementation – Enzymes

Specialized pancreatic enzymes are the cornerstone of our supplementation program. Enzymes work by travelling through the bloodstream to the site of the tumor and digesting the specific protein of the tumor mass without harming the body’s healthy tissues.

Detoxification routines

Optimal detoxification is essential for health. Our cells continuously produce metabolic waste and we ingest a variety of toxins every day through air, food and water. All these need to be metabolized and excreted via the liver and kidneys to keep our cells safe from damage. With cancer there is an additional burden with the breakdown of cancer cells and their subsequent elimination. Supporting the detoxification pathways of the body will not only rid the body of various toxins, which contribute to the cancer, but also to cleanse the body of the products produced from cancer cell breakdown.

We incorporate a wide range of detoxification options in an individualized program, including liver support, gallbladder flush, coffee enemas and infrared sauna.

Nutritional / medical assessments include:

  • Amino-acid plasma/ blood spot: assessment of amino-acids
  • Cancer profile markers: non-specific markers
  • Thyroid complete panel
  • Liver detoxification function
  • Comprehensive metabolic profile – liver and kidney function
  • Red cell mineral test: assessment of essential minerals and toxic metals
  • Fecal metal test: assessment of heavy metals clearance from the body.


Life Clinic Education Series: Check out “Nutritional Enzyme Therapy for Cancer” on Youtube by our Clinical Nutritionist.

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