Symptoms of Aging

For most people, aging occurs imperceptibly in the 30’s, becomes apparent in the 40’s and accelerates in the 50’s. Some believe this is simply evolutionary design, as the body moves beyond its reproductive usefulness and begins to wind down.

Whatever the reason, getting older can bring with it a whole range of symptoms and ailments, which may include:

GENERAL | Weakness, fatigue, muscle aches, cold hands and feet, sweats, dizziness, sleep disturbances.

PHYSICAL | Joint pain, headaches, bloating, palpitations, loose skin, hair loss, weight gain, constipation.

PSYCHOLOGICAL /EMOTIONAL: Mood swings, irritability, poor memory, brain fog, depression, loss of self-confidence.

SEXUAL/URINARY | Low sexual drive, Menstrual disturbances, Decreased vaginal lubrication, Frequent or weak urination, Erectile problems.

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