New Hope for Cancer Care: The Life Clinic is the first Clinic in Hong Kong to provide Dr Kelley’s Nutritional Cancer Protocol

New Hope for Cancer Care: LifeClinic is the first clinic in Hong Kong to provide Dr Kelley’s Nutritional Cancer Protocol

With a recent study showing the chemotherapy only adds 2.4% to the five year survival of people with advanced cancer, many people ask if we have any nutritional advice to support cancer sufferers.

With this in mind, our nutritionist, hearing of claims of up to 70% survival rate over 30,000 patients receiving the “Dr Kelley’s Nutritional Cancer Protocol”, travelled to the USA to study under the tutelage of one of Dr Kelley’s direct disciples, Dr. Pamela McDougle ND.

Now, after several months bringing in the vital components of the protocol, we are delighted to offer this service in Hong Kong.

It is suitable for:

  • those who have been diagnosed with cancer, and are looking for an alternative to conventional treatments* 
  • those who initially responded well to conventional treatments, but have since relapsed 
  • those who are in remission, and wish to take lifestyle and nutritional steps to prevent their cancer coming back 
  • those with strong family history of cancers, who wish to prevent getting cancer themselves.

If you have a friend or relative who you believe may benefit from this non-toxic, and immune-supporting nutritional protocol, please call 2881 8131 or e-mail Life Clinic for more information.

Please share this to friends and family – whom you believe may benefit from this information.

*we recommend working in conjunction with your oncologist, and are not in any way, a replacement for conventional medical expertise. 

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