Laser wart removal (CO2)

Warts are growths caused by viruses and they are very contagious and may spread along your own body. Warts can appear in different areas including the face, neck, arms, hands, back and chest. Normally our body flights off the virus that warts will disappear without any treatment. But if it persists, it needs to be removed by different medical methods.

How Does It Work?


Fractional carbon dioxide(Co2) laser is one of the most effective to cut away warts in your body parts. By using high energy of light to heat and destroyed the warts. It can instantly get rid of the visible warts and reduce the number of virus in the treated area that the body immune system can flight back the virus more easily.

How Long Does It Take?


The treatment takes around 30 min, a numb cream may apply to make you feel more comfort. In some cases, few more treatments are required for the stubborn warts.


What Can You Expect?


  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Safe
  • No Scarring


TIPS : We also provide alternative solutions to reduce the warts like cryotherapy and prescribe topical medication.


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