Metabolic Issues

Metabolic health encompasses the set of factors that relate to your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. These factors include managing healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar regulation and weight. 

At LifeClinic, our programs are designed to detect risk factors earlier than conventional medicine and implement an integrative approach to work to prevent the occurrence of these diseases, or if necessary, help treat these conditions without relying solely on medication.


Lipid Control

Blood Pressure Control

Sugar Control


Fatty Liver

Weight Management




LifeClinic Weight Loss Programs

At LifeClinic, our programs are designed to help support you on your weight loss journey. There are two programs available:

Express 2 Week Weight Loss Plan 

This is a budget friendly 2-week program using Caloric Restriction to promote fat burn and weight loss. Cleanse and Detox IVs helps promote detoxification which enhances liver’s fat burn function.

30 Day Metabolic Balance & Weight Loss Plan

This 1-month program focuses on looking for metabolic causes for weight gain and using detoxification and gut balance to enhance overall wellness and promote weight loss.

Weekly detox and metabolism boosting IVs help promote the liver’s detoxification and boost the fat burning function. This program is coupled with a diet plan and supplements to boost fat burn and weight loss.

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