Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the injection of various substances into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm) to address specific concerns. It was developed in the 1950s by a French physician named Michel Pistor.

How Does It Work?

During a mesotherapy treatment, a series of injections are administered using a mesogun.The injections deliver a customized blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, enzymes, plant extracts, and other substances directly into the skin. The specific formulation of the injected substances can vary depending on the desired outcome and the practitioner’s approach.

Our Signature Mesothreapy Treatments:

Meso-Skin Glow

It contains various components that are beneficial for nourishing and moisturizing dry or sensitive skin, its key compenents inculdes:

  • Non-cross linked hyaluronic acid: It moisturizes the skin, improves its moisture balance, and helps retain moisture for a plump and hydrated appearance.
  • Vitamins: Including vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex, these provide antioxidant benefits, promote collagen synthesis, and nourish the skin.
  • Minerals: Essential minerals like zinc, copper, and magnesium support healthy skin function, aid in repairing tissues, and contribute to a balanced complexion.
  • Amino acids: These building blocks of proteins maintain skin integrity and elasticity, support collagen production, and enhance skin texture.
  • Co-enzymes: They assist enzymes in biochemical reactions, potentially supporting skin metabolism and cellular energy production for maintaining skin health.

This formulation is designed to nourish and moisturize dry or sensitive skin, improving hydration levels and overall skin condition.


Meso-Skin Repair

It contains a combination of ingredients that aim to nourish tired skin, stimulate repair, and promote regeneration in deeper layers. It contains the following key components:

  • PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide): Derived from salmon DNA, PDRN is believed to have tissue-regenerating properties. It can stimulate skin repair processes, improve cell proliferation, enhance collagen synthesis, and promote tissue healing.
  • Vitamins: The formulation includes essential vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex. These vitamins provide antioxidant benefits, promote collagen production, and support overall skin nourishment, vitality, and health.
  • Minerals: Zinc, copper, and magnesium are included in the formulation as important minerals for maintaining skin health. They support various cellular functions, contribute to collagen synthesis, and aid in skin repair and rejuvenation.
  • Amino acids: Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, including collagen and elastin. By including amino acids in the formulation, it can support the synthesis of these structural proteins. This helps improve skin texture, elasticity, and overall appearance.
  • Co-enzymes: Co-enzymes are substances that assist enzymes in biochemical reactions. In this formulation, co-enzymes are likely included to support skin metabolism, cellular energy production, and the overall regeneration process.

This formulation is ideal for individuals with wrinkled, sun-damaged, or mature skin. The combination of PDRN, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and co-enzymes aims to nourish the skin, stimulate repair processes, and promote regeneration in the deeper layers. It can help improve the appearance of wrinkles, enhance skin texture, and address signs of sun damage.


Meso-Skin Bright

It contains a combination of key ingredients that are beneficial for addressing uneven and pigmented skin. It contains the following key components:

  • Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that brightens the skin, evens out skin tone, and reduces pigmentation. It inhibits melanin production, the pigment responsible for dark spots and uneven skin tone, promoting a more radiant complexion.
  • Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant that lightens and brightens the skin. It helps reduce melanin production, leading to a more even skin tone and diminished pigmentation. Glutathione is commonly used for its skin-lightening properties.
  • Non-cross linked hyaluronic acid: Provides hydration to the skin, improving moisture balance and plumpness. It helps maintain skin elasticity and suppleness, contributing to a smoother and more youthful appearance.

It is specifically designed for individuals with uneven and pigmented skin. The combination of vitamin C, glutathione, and non-cross linked hyaluronic acid aims to brighten the skin, reduce pigmentation, and promote a more even skin tone.


To determine which mesotherapy formulation is suitable for your skin type and concerns, book a consultation with us and we can assess your skin condition and provide personalized advice based on your specific needs and treatment goals.

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