Lower blood pressure without drugs

Do you suffer from high blood pressure and hope to reduce or avoid drugs?

Chronically high blood pressure is dangerous, and can increase your risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, visual loss, kidney failure and even death. However, more can be done to lower it without medicines than you realise.

High blood pressure can be seen as the body’s response to injury and insult to our blood vessels.

These can occur as a result of:

  • Chronic stress
  • Poor sugar management
  • Excessive intake of bad fats
  • Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Build up of toxic heavy metals

Chronic stress, for example, produces more free radicals – which can damage the delicate lining of our blood vessels, and allow cholesterol to stick to it.

High sugar levels, increases the stickiness of our blood making it easier for us to get thromboses (or “clots”) in our blood.  It can also promote the release of inflammatory factors which leads to loss of elasticity and hardening of our arteries.

Most people have heard that salt is bad for your blood pressure, but did you know that increasing your potassium intake is good for it?  Potassium helps the kidneys regulate how much salt it retains (and with it how much water it hangs on to) and correcting low potassium can greatly reduce your blood pressure.

Magnesium, is another essential mineral that helps to keep our blood vessels relaxed and open, as is CoQ10 which prolongs the life of nitric oxide, a powerful vasodilator in both our heart and blood vessels.  Deficiencies of either these nutrients could be making it difficult to get your blood pressure under control.

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury, have been found to be associated with hypertension. We are at risk of accumulating these toxic metals if we have amalgam fillings, eat a lot of seafood or just live in a polluted city like Hong Kong.

A Comprehensive Program to treat blood pressure problems, would include not just medication, but also looking for these underlying imbalances and treating them.

Some more Tips to Control Blood Pressure Naturally:

You can modify elements of your diet straight away by cutting out the processes foods, bread, pastries, cakes and sweets. And adding back more vegetables like garlic, onions, celery and legumes. Trying a little exercise daily (under supervision if your BP is high), this has been shown to lower blood pressure over time.

The majority of Hypertension issues are due to lifestyle factors which are contributing to the condition.

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