3-day Liver Recovery

Your brain releases dopamine and serotonin when you are drinking alcohol, making you feel good and relaxed. But alcohol also slows down your brain activity and may damage your neurotransmitters, leaving you with brain fog. Our post-holiday brain recovery program helps you to clear your mind and return to your normal functioning quickly.



IV-Liver Support:

This drip uses an evidence-based Myers’ cocktail with the addition of super antioxidants, supporting the liver to cleanse itself of toxins leading to better health.

Infrared Sauna :

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s primary channel for ridding itself from toxins. Infrared rays can penetrate deep into the skin and help to release the toxins trapped in the body’s fat cells.

Liver Recovery Supplements :

These supplements are formulated to stimulate both the liver and gastrointestinal functions. It mainly enhances detoxification and further supports the liver function.


Want to know more about our liver detox  program? Talk to our friendly team for more details.


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