Hormones act as chemical messengers that help regulate an impressive range of physiological processes and behaviours. As such, hormone regulation is a key component of overall health. Hormones can be easily disrupted by a range of factors, both modifiable like environmental chemicals, sleep patterns, stress, and poor nutrition, as well as non-modifiable factors such as age. Slight changes to our hormone levels can create huge downstream effects on energy, skin, sleep, weight, mood and more.


Menstrual Symptoms/PMS

Weight Gain

Hot Flashes

Fluid Retention

Hair Loss


Thyroid diseases: Hypo or hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Thyroiditis

Testosterone Deficiency



Female Hormone Imbalance

Weight Issues

Testing & Solutions

Hormone Testing

Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

Hormone Health Program

At LifeClinic, our Hormone Health Program is designed to pinpoint hormonal imbalances and reset your hormone levels for better health. This includes hormone lab testing, personalized nutraceutical supplementation, and tailored therapies such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  

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