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Comprehensive Functional Medicine Lab Testing

People seek out a functional medicine practice like LifeClinic when they’re frustrated.  They might feel like they’re doing everything right but their weight is still climbing, they’re not sleeping well, they have horrible PMS or low libido, and they’re bloated and exhausted. Sound familiar? We use medical tests that other doctors don’t to get to the cause of these symptoms and help you feel better.

Our health screening plans are more comprehensive compared to your regular health screenings because we look at the root causes of your symptoms and conditions. Your body is complex, so different root causes may show up as symptoms that seem typical or irregular for that particular ailment.


Typical lab work just looks at the basics, but there is a lot more that your body can tell you. That’s why you need tests that go deeper.


The LifeClinic Health Screening Plans give us a clearer picture of what exactly is going on in your body, to help begin your journey toward better health. We have designed 3 comprehensive health screening plans that address key health concerns of specific age groups, (these are suggested but you may choose any plan.)

We encourage you to speak with our experienced health and longevity experts if you are unsure which plan is best suited for you. Personalised plans can also be arranged for specific health needs.

I really liked this clinic, the staff were great and the service during my blood test was perfect. The price I was charged for my blood test was very good value I think. The clinic followed up with me and gave me my results.

Johanna, Hong Kong SAR

Personal service, second to none. Friendly and sincere. Outstanding.

Mark, Hong Kong SAR
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