Medical Aesthetic Services (Face)





Heavy Eyebrows


Pigment (Freckles, Age spots, Hyperpigmentation (PIH))

Good match with: IV Skin glow


Dark Circles / Eye Bags

Good match with: IV Skin glow


Nose Enhancement


Scar Treatment


Enlarged Pores


Deep Nasolabial Folds


Lip Shaping


Smokers Lines


Sagging Loose Facial Skin


Jawline Shaping


Double Chin


Moles / Warts / Fat Granules

Excellent first consultation. They took the time to explain all the options.

Ruth, Hong Kong SAR

2nd-time armpit treatment for wrinkles to avoid sweating at Life Clinic. The result from 1st time was very satisfying. Effect fully kicked in 1-2 weeks after treatment, after lasted nearly a year for me. The treatment itself would involve a numbing cream, the injections still pinch a bit, but it´s ok to deal with that. No problems after treatment. The atmosphere is nice, very friendly and relaxed staff from front desk, nurse to doctor.

Markus, Hong Kong SAR

Very professional and friendly, pays a lot of attention to details as well! Joey has also been very helpful all these years! Thank you.

Vivian, Hong Kong SAR

My treatment still ongoing 🙂 but so far the service is really good 🙂

Ariena, Hong Kong SAR

Very pleased, worth going, highly professional and great results!

Mira, Hong Kong SAR

I had a mole removed at LIFE Clinic and got the results I wanted. There was a bit of pain but nothing I couldn’t endure. The removal took about an hour. The clinic was quite cosy and comfortable. I also really liked the staff who were all so helpful. They were able to answer my questions. I was treated very well.


I'm very pleased. The doctor is an artist! I'm very happy now.

Frederick, Hong Kong SAR

Yes, very pleased. Price was as quoted.

Stewart, China

I find this clinic every helpful and Joey was great with all the info. It was good to talk to her. She was very friendly but I'm not sure when I'm going over. Cheer Lorraine.

Lorraine, Australia

Joey is fantastic. She explains everything as she does it and has very gentle hands. I am pleased with the results to date and will be making an appt for another session.

Linda, US

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