Eating Regulation Program

From ineffective dieting and short-term fixes towards a regulated and balanced relationship with food.

We are proud to launch our Eating Regulation Program that is designed to provide psychological and nutritional support for people to improve their eating behaviours and establish a well-balanced relationship with food.

Who is this for:

This program is for adults and adolescents presenting early signs of dysregulated eating behaviours, including:

  • Binge eating, overeating, emotional or compulsive eating behaviours
  • Dieting and restrictive eating
  • Purging and compensatory behaviours
  • Anxiety and depressive symptoms around food

This program also aims to help prevent the development of disordered eating behaviours, including:

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Orthorexia


What we offer:

Systematic Approach:

Our Psychological Counsellor and Functional Medicine Nutritionist have teamed up to offer a one-stop solution to support an integrative approach to eating regulation.

Nutritional Guidance & Individualised Meal Planning:

Depending on your assessment, our Nutritionist will work with you to provide an optimal nutritional plan aimed at achieving weight stabilisation and metabolic restoration, as well as supporting any supplementation regime required.

Psychological Support:

Therapeutic care is aimed to support eating regulation by addressing psychological, social and emotional functioning. Individuals with dysregulated eating patterns and eating disorders often suffer from co-occurring mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and PTSD. Therapy is aimed to address the underlying issues of distress and emotional regulation, restrictive or preoccupied cognitions around food, negative body-image identification and self-evaluation.

Physical and Laboratory Testing:

Laboratory tests are incorporated to screen for nutritional and biochemical deficiencies caused by malnourishment and fragmented eating patterns (binge-eating, purging, restrictive food intake, etc.). Data feedback is used to help monitor and guide you along your path of recovery.

Additional support:

Our team recognises the associated risks with eating disorders which can include weight loss/gain, cold intolerance, fatigue and dizziness, infertility and loss of menses, as well as other gastrointestinal, cardio-vascular issues. Clients with be referred to medical specialists where appropriate.


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Program Overview:

Following the initial diagnostic and assessment consultation, the treatment plan is tailored individually, with weekly support by our Psychological Counsellor and Nutritionist.

  • Physical health screening and baseline laboratory assessment
  • Psychological counselling – once each week
  • Nutritional guidance providing a tailored food plan – once each week for 4-weeks
  • Follow up lab tests – to check progress and provide feedback
  • Interdisciplinary medical support and referral (if required)


6-Week Eating Regulation Program – Program Price: $14,800 ($16,500)

Counsellor sessions x 6 (50 mins each)

Nutritionist consultations x 5 (50 mins each)

Blood tests for monitoring available.


12-Week Eating Regulation Program – Program Price: $26,800 ($31,500)

Our 12-week program is designed for more chronic cases of eating dysregulation requiring a more steady-pace approach to recovery.

Counsellor sessions x 12 (50 mins each)

Nutritionist consultations x 9 (50 mins each)

Blood Tests for monitoring available.


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