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COVID-19 Neutralising Antibody Testing 

At LifeClinic, we now offer the SARS-CoV-2 Neutralising Test (a.k.a Surrogate Virus Neutralization Antibody Detection) which evaluates the Covid-19 vaccine efficacy.

This is a highly specific test that detects antibodies, which block the interaction between Spike-RBD domain of the virus and the ACE2 receptor on the human cell. Blocking that interaction can prevent the virus from entering and infecting the cells.

We recommend taking this test 2 weeks after your second dose of the vaccine.

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COVID-19 Vaccines

Currently, the vaccine is only available for those identified as priority groups


Priority Group for Vaccination:

✅ Persons aged 12 years or above
✅ Domestic helpers
✅ Priority Group for Vaccination
✅ Accompanying person(s) of people aged 70 years or above, (maximum 2 carers)



The Hong Kong government has begun to roll out the vaccination program. The following FAQ attempts to address some of the most common questions around COVID-19 vaccination.


1. Which vaccine is available at LifeClinic?
CoronaVac, also known as the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine, will be available from our clinic from 15 March 2021. 

The CoronaVac vaccine is an inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech.  It uses well-established technology traditionally used for vaccines such as for influenza, polio, hepatitis and rabies, and has been in Phase III clinical trials in Brazil[1],Chile[2],[4] Indonesia[3],[5] the Philippines[4],[6] and Turkey[5].[7]

Brazil announced results on 13 January 2021 showing 50.4% effectiveness at preventing symptomatic infections, 78% effectiveness in preventing mild cases needing treatment, and 100% effectiveness in preventing severe cases.[6] Final Phase III results from Turkey announced on 3 March 2021 showed an efficacy of 83.5%[7] and Interim results in Indonesia were announced on 11 January 2021 with an efficacy of 65.3%.[8]


2. Am I suitable?
You may be eligible for the CoronaVac vaccine if you are over 18 years of age with no major chronic illnesses, allergies or contraindications. Although there is limited phase III data available on the effectiveness of this vaccine on those over 60 (because of small sample size), phase I and II trials showed that the vaccine is safe in this age group and is able to stimulate the immune system. Generally, because over 60’s is considered a vulnerable group, the risk of vaccination is considered much less than the likely benefit.


3. Who is not suitable?
If you have any severe chronic illnessneurological conditions (like Guillan-Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis or multiple sclerosis) or are pregnant or breast feeding, you are not suitable for the CoronaVac.Conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and cancer may also not be suitable, but please discuss this with our doctor.


4. How is it given?

Two injections are given, usually in the arm, 28 days apart.


5. Are there any side-effects?
Most people will have minimal or no side effects, but some may experience aching and redness in the injection site, flu-like symptoms (like joint pains, muscle aches, headaches, sore throat or chills), abdominal symptoms (like nausea, diarrhoea or abdominal pains) or swelling and itchiness. Rarer side-effects have been reported, but as of 3 Feb 2021, there has been no serious adverse events.


6. What’s the Cost?
We are happy to announce we are able to offer the Covid-19 vaccine free-of-charge for our LifeClinic patients.If you have a friend or relative you would also like to be vaccinated, we can put them on our waiting list for when the next batch of vaccines arrive. Please Note: Only limited supplies are currently available.

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