At LifeClinic we take the time to get to know you. We approach health as the interplay of mental and physical well-being so to understand your health status and future health goals, we need to understand you. Our clinic boasts an international team of varied health professionals dedicated to providing personalized and patient-centric care.

Medical Consultations

Integrative Medicine- an Integrative Physician is trained in both conventional and complementary medicine and will take a holistic approach to your treatment. A typical consult will look not only at your current symptoms, but will also investigate the role your diet, stress and activity may play in your health. Typical duration 30-60 mins

Anti Aging Medicine- an Anti Aging Physician looks at both the internal and external factors contributing to aging, including hormones, lifestyle factors and genetics. Typical duration 60 mins.

Aesthetic Medicine- an Aesthetic consultation is focused on your external appearance, including your skin, face, hair and body. This shorter consult is linked to specific treatments to address your needs. Typical duration 15 mins.

Family Medicine- a Family Physician will provide comprehensive medical care to address both acute and common conditions, as well as health screening programs for the whole family. Typical duration 15 mins.

Functional Medicine- a Functional Medicine consult involves investigating the root cause and triggers of your disease or condition. By addressing the root cause we can regain balance for a healthy body and mind. Lifestyle medicine incorporates diet, sleep, exercise, and stress for an integrated approach to health. Typical duration 60 mins.

Integrative Oncology- Integrative oncology is an evidence-based, patient centric field of cancer care that combines conventional cancer therapies and complementary medical therapies. Bespoke treatment plans include a combination of mindbody health practices, botanical medicine, natural supplements, nutritional IV therapies, and lifestyle modifications to ensure a complete and well rounded approach in cancer care. Typical duration 60 mins.

Conventional Oncology- a Conventional Oncology consult will review your history and scans and implement conventional treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. Typical duration 20-30 mins.


Nutrition– a nutritional consultation will involve assessing your dietary requirements and your current intake to ensure you are eating a balanced diet and obtaining the necessary nutrients to maximize your health. This may also involve suggestions for supplementation.

Psychology- a psychology consultation will involve understanding what is at the root cause of the psychological issue and addressing it with various techniques to reframe the mind in a more positive direction.

Naturopathy– a naturopathic consultation involves looking at the root cause of dysfunction in the body and addressing the imbalances with homeopathy, herbal supplements, detoxification regimes, and dietary change.

Counselling- a counselling consultation is conducted either by a psychologist or counsellor and involves exploring the patient’s feelings in a safe, confidential environment while discussing potential ways to resolve such feelings in a productive manner.

Physiotherapy– a physiotherapy session involves a physiotherapist’s assessment of your physical frame, range of motion and dysfunction of joint or muscle injury with suggestions for rehabilitation and training.

Traditional Chinese Medicine– a TCM consultation involves a in-depth assessment of your pulse, symptoms, and clinical signs with treatments including acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary changes.

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