Cancer Recovery

Our fully-integrated cancer clinic brings together complementary, alternative and conventional treatments to achieve maximum results with minimum toxicity

Empowering You Against Cancer

LifeClinic Cancer Care was formed out of a need to improve the patient’s experience in their fight against cancer and increase their odds of beating it. We incorporate all of our holistic cancer treatments and services under one roof ensuring continuity and constancy of care, with the focus on guiding and supporting the patient through their journey.

Find The Root Cause

Identify causes and triggers

We identify the causes, triggers and imbalances in the body which may have contributed to the cancer developing in the first instance. We then address these imbalances to increase the chance of treatment success and reduce the chance of it recurring somewhere else.

Non-Toxic Therapies

Promote healing with minimal side effects

Many patients are afraid of the potential side-effects of standard conventional options, and prefer, if they can, to take the natural path. We advise them on which approach is best for their specific case, and guide them through their diet, supplements and nontoxic therapies.

Personalised Treatment

Treatment That Works For You

We help patients and their loved ones navigate the difficult, and sometimes conflicting treatment options available and design personalised treatment programs to fit their unique circumstances and regain their energy and vitality.

Cancer Treatments

The integrative approach to cancer attempts to combine the healing and supportive benefits of complementary alternative medicine with the destructive power of conventional treatments. The advantage of this approach, is that many complementary cancer treatments can help reduce the toxicity of conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy to normal cells. There is some medical research studies demonstrating an improvement in the chemotherapy effect following a combination with vitamin C or other supplements.

In some cases, they can also augment the effect of conventional treatment. Almost always, holistic cancer treatments help maintain quality of life.

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