BioStem Hair Growth Treatment

What is BioStem Hair Growth Treatment?  

Molecules transmit messages and communicate between cells through signal transmitters. These signal transmitters can range in complexity from a gas to a protein.  Our Biostem hair growth treatment uses these complex protein signals to repair and regenerate cell for hair growth. 

How do Biostem Treatments Work? 

 Based on the innovative patented medical technology, a high concentrated formula that is made up of essential signal proteins is applied to scalp to stimulate collagen synthesis and revival of the hair root follicles. 

Hair Restoration

 What are the benefits? 

 The Treatments has been shown to benefit to whom has hair conditions of: 

  • Hair loss 
  • Hair thinning 
  • Greying hair 
  • Dandruff and flaky skin 
  • Excessive oil 

 Is it safe? 

The end-to-end journey of your hair rejuvenation treatment is medically supervised. Life Clinic follows international standards for all medical procedure protocols including sterile and handling procedures to ensure the best outcome for our patients. 



 “My hair grew back after only 3 treatments. Thank you for giving me my confidence back Life Clinic!” Mr. Ma, 50 years old” 

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