We implement innovative technologies that address both internal and external aging to slow down the aging process and extend vitality at any age

What is Aging?

The word aging means many different things to different people. For some, aging is associated with wrinkles and sagging skin, for others they may think of memory problems, or simply not having the same energy and excitement for life.

Aging is a complex process that affects every one of our cells. It has a negative impact on the ability of the body and organs to function, often leading to chronic and debilitating diseases. However, the aging process is not as fixed as we used to believe.

With the advances and understandings of the process of aging, scientists and health care providers are helping to extend life for humanity. However, having a long life is only half the battle. It is imperative that a long life should be accompanied with good health, vigor and a youthful bodily system.

Internal Anti-Aging

Anti-aging medicine is the rapidly-evolving science of slowing down the aging process. We will work with you to find the root causes of aging and address this from within.

External Anti-Aging

Aesthetic medicine is the science of reducing the damaging signs of aging on the outside of the body including wrinkles, hair loss and unwanted body fat.

Cosmetic Surgery

For those who wish to achieve quicker results, cosmetic surgery may be the answer. Enhance the physical appearance of the body/face and restore a new level of beauty.

How We Help

LifeClinic is one of the first fully integrated health and vitality centres of its kind in Hong Kong, focusing on treating all aspects of aging. We provide assessment, treatment and services for both internal and external anti-aging in Hong Kong, including hormone balancing, nutritional support, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to help our clients live healthy, energetic, confident lives, no matter what age they are.

Your personalized LifeClinic program may include some or all of the following treatments:

  • Aesthetic Treatments
  • Personalised Bio-identical Hormones
  • Free Radical & Anti-oxidant Tests
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Fully Personalised Micronutrients
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Sleep & Stress Management
  • Detox & Chelation Programs
  • Cosmetic Surgery

Book a consultation with us if you want to learn more about our anti-aging treatments:

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