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Anti-Aging & Health Optimisation

LifeClinic is a leading Medical Anti-Aging clinic in Hong Kong that uses Functional and Swiss Biological Medicine to help clients maintain their highest levels of physical, mental and emotional function by reducing illness and degeneration that would normally come with aging.

We specialize in combining Conventional Medicine with Complementary Medicine including Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and Naturopathy, that when combined together, help to detect the underlying imbalances and deficiencies that may be causing aging, sub-optimal health conditions and disease.

Winner of Liv Magazine Award 2022

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What We Treat


Turn back your biological clock, improve mental clarity and productivity, and boost energy for optimal performance and wellbeing

Weight Managemend

Our services support efficient metabolism and improvements in body shape and composition, favoring the use of fat for energy

Gut Health

Our integrative approach supports a wide range of symptoms including SIBO, Leaky Gut, IBS, bloating, poor digestion, constipation and more


Our program is designed to pinpoint hormonal imbalances and reset your hormone levels for better health


Heart Health

Our programs are designed for early detection of risk factors for heart disease and to implement an integrative approach that works to prevent the occurrence of heart disease

Our program is designed to help identify the root causes of your immune system imbalance and reset your immune system

Our Medical Services

Using comprehensive testing to assess your toxic load, we have medical detox programs that are designed to improve symptoms and disease risk

Functional Medicine

By applying the fundamentals of functional medicine, we develop personalised programs aimed at addressing the root cause of illness

Cancer Therapy

We bring together complementary, alternative, holistic and conventional cancer treatments to achieve maximum results for patients with minimum toxicity


Health Assessments

Our health screenings are more comprehensive compared to your regular health screenings because we look at the root causes of your conditions

Hair Restoration

We offer clinically proven therapies to help regenerate and regrow hair as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women 

GP Services

Our integrative healthcare team are passionate about holistic primary care for the whole family and works together to address your health concerns

Our new emotional resilience program could help you optimise your psychological and emotional well-being.

Our new emotional resilience program could help you optimise your psychological and emotional well-being.

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