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Chemical Peels

Chemical PeelChemical Peels have successfully been used to rejuvenate the skin and maintain youthful appearance since the time of Cleopatra.

Modern peels work not only removing dead skin from the surface epidermal layer, so smoothing out skin roughness and minor skin imperfections, but also by stimulating deeper dermal layers to produce more collagen and filling substance (“glycoaminoglycans”).

Peels can individually tailored to target specific skin problems like large pores, mature skin, acne or pigmented skin, and are specially formulated from Europe to produce maximum results with minimum “downtime” (time off normal activities).

The procedure takes around 60mins, produces an accelerated exfoliation of the skin over the week, and resulting in noticeably brighter, smoother, more glowing skin.

Used for: Pigment, Pore Reduction, Collagen Stimulation

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