Root Cause Analysis
Hormone Therapy & Testing


Baseline Hormonal Pro le

Complete Hormonal Pro le including sex

Hormones, adrenal function, & melatonin

Male Hormone Pro le

28 Day Female Cycle Hormone Pro le

Thyroid Hormonal Test

Sex Hormones Metabolites Adrenal Hormones

Growth Hormones

Functional & Anti-aging Testing

Heavy Metals

Oxidative Stress Markers

Oxidative Stress Markers

Genetic Testing

Hormone Testinge

nti-aging Pro le for Females

Anti-aging Pro le for Males

Prevention Medicine

Early cancer detection

Free Radical Testing

Genetic Testing

Hormonal Testing

Nutritional Testing

Health screening

Pap smear



Diagnostic imaging

Comprehensive Micronutrient Test

Circulating Tumour Cells Test

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

Personalised Genetic Pro ling

Genetic Health Panels

Neurotransmitters & Hormones #1

Neurotransmitters & Hormones #2

Oxidative Damage Markers

Heavy Metals Challenge Tests

Environmental Pollutants Test

Liver Detoxi cation Pro le

Male/Female Comprehensive Hormone Panel

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth

In ammation Markers Tests

ALCAT tests (for food, chemicals, moulds, additives and colourings)

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