About Us

Who We Are?

A Private Healthcare Company.

Founded in 2009, LifeClinic is a private healthcare company focused on providing Integrative treatments and services for Disease Prevention, Anti-Aging, Sub-Optimal Health, & Chronic Disease.

LifeClinic combines Conventional Medicine with complementary services including Functional Medicine, TCM, Nutrition , Psychology and Naturopathy aimed at detecting the underlying imbalances and de ciencies that may be causing sub- optimal health conditions and disease.

LifeClinic focuses on the whole person by treating the various stages of disease progression including:

  • Aging : hormonal imbalances, memory loss, weight gain
  • Sub Optimal Health: chronic fatigue, digestive issues, stress, sleep problems and sexual dysfunction
  • Chronic Disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer.

High Standards

Our doctors have completed accredited
fellowship training with high standards
of quality.

Committed Team

We are one of the first health and vitality
centres to integrate preventative anti-aging
services in to mainstream medical care.

Modern Equipment

Our practice is equipped with the latest tech
nology that allows us to perform the most
modern treatments.

Our Aim

Vision & Mission

The vision of LifeClinic is to bring together all the years of training Dr Stephen Chan has received on anti-aging, natural & regenerative medicine and his 20 years of practice as a medical doctor in creating a fully integrated health & vitality centre.

The services offered by LifeClinic are beyond the aesthetic treatments which can be highly effective on the exterior. For a long-term and sustainable approach, education, internal health and lifestyle management will enable clients to live a vibrant, healthy, energetic and optimal life, no matter what age.

We Value Your Quality of Life

LifeClinic focuses on the whole person by treating the various stages of disease progression.

The medical information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute professional medical advice and does not purport to be comprehensive. You should consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional if you require medical advice. Please Contact if you have any questions regarding the information.
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